Johnson City, New York • Hiawatha District • Baden-Powell Council


The Pack 100 program year begins the first Monday after the start of the school year and continues until early May. There are generally three Den meetings along with a full Pack meeting (including parents) each month. Meetings are usually held every Monday from 6:30pm - 7:30pm except when school is not in session (this includes both holidays and snowdays). Weekly attendance is important. Call your den leader if your Cub is sick and ask what requirements were completed so you may help your Cub at home.

Except when specifically noted (eg., for field trips), all den meetings and pack meetings take place at All Saints' Episcopal Church located at 475 Main St in Johnson City.

Den meetings are generally held in the basement classrooms. The entryway will have tables set up with folders for each Cub containing any important information flyers. Event signup sheets will also be available in this area. Monthly Pack meetings are held upstairs in the main sanctuary.

Note: Den meetings are not the time for parents to chit-chat, text or use cell phones. This is disruptive to the meeting and distracts the boys and adults working with the boys.

For safety reasons, Cubs are never allowed to leave the building alone. Additionally, Pack 100 adhere's to the BSA policies regarding two-deep leadership and youth protection.